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Scholarship Program


Scholarship Program

AAAEA-Capital Area



The Arab American Association of Engineers and Architects (AAAEA) - Capital Area, runs an annual scholarship program.

The Award of a scholarship is presented to a full time undergraduate or graduate student in the field of engineering, architecture, or computer science/ information technology with preference to undergraduate students. The objective is to promote engineering, architecture, and computer science/ information technology as worthy professions and to foster stronger ties between the Association and the Arab American Community.

The number and value of the scholarship(s) will be decided every year based on the amount raised by the Chapter and will be presented at a function of the Association.           


  • Must be a current Student Member of AAAEA - Capital Area or a child of a current member of the association. Interested students can join AAAEA before the application deadlines by contacting us here.

  • Must be a Full-Time undergraduate or graduate student currently studying in the field of engineering, architecture or computer science / information technology at an accredited US-based four year college or university .

  • Applicants must complete the AAAEA Scholarship Award Application and submit all required documents.


  • Essay in engineering, architecture and/or computer science/ information technology topics. 

  • Course Grades (GPA)

  • Extra-Curricular Activities Description 

  • Letter of Recommendation

  • Application Quality                                                          

The application quality criterion will be an assessment of the applicant's submittal for neatness, organization, spelling and proper English usage. Please do not bind the application materials into a booklet. Incomplete applications will be rejected, and applicants will be notified accordingly. No further submission will be allowed if application is rejected .

Scholarship Application Checklist

  • Application Form

  • Transcript or College Acceptance Letter (freshmen only)

  • Recommendation letter written by a faculty member or a professional (from the student's field of study)

  • Extracurricular activities document which should highlight relevant work experience, publications, participation in AAAEA, student/campus activities, involvement in community organizations or a combination of these

  • Essay addressing the applicant's interest in his/her field of study, the most important issue currently being addressed in the applicant's field, and the responsibility of the Engineers, Architects or Computer Scientists to society and to AAAEA

  • Community College Additional Requirements: Describe the courses you are taking and how that will lead you into Engineering. Architecture and/or Information Technology/Computer Science program. If you have already applied to any of these three programs in a college, provide a copy of the admission letter

    Only applications containing ALL of the above mentioned documents will be considered.

Application packages must be emailed No later Than, Sunday 15 September 2019, to AAAEA-Capital Area.