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Febuary 2019 Newsletter

Dear AAAEA Members,

Greetings! I am very excited to announce the Board of Trustees members for our Chapter: Dr. Ziad Sabra, Dr. Bilal Ayyub, Mr. Elias Saboura, Mr. Mahammad Jamal, and Mr. Nader Abu Hassan. Each brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the STEM field and in our association, and they will be great assets to our chapter. We are truly fortunate to have these individuals on our Board and to dedicate time and efforts to help us throughout the year. Bios of these high-caliber individuals will be posted on our website soon.

Other news in the month of February:

Internship: Last month, I mentioned that we asked our corporate sponsors to offer our student members internship opportunities. Both Mr. Raja Al Awar, FES Group, and Mr. David Coyne, JMT, shared their internship opportunities, which we posted on our website, under the “Opportunity” tab. Thank you Mr. Al Awar and Mr. Coyne for your support for our internship program. We also partnered with the Arab American Professional and Business Association to help us pursue additional internship opportunities. As of last month, we were able to refer six students.

Learn & Network: Thanks to Dr. Rabih Najib, our Education Committee Chair, for organizing our first Learn & Network (L&N). Our speaker was Mr. Elias Saboura, and the topic was “Minimizing Risk by Maximizing Compliance with Rules of Professional Conduct.”

Additionally, our National AAAEA is offering a free 1-Hour PDH/CE to all AAAEA Members. Please visit, and click on “2018 NAAAEA EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR” for “FIRST TIED-ARCH BRIDGE – PRESENTATION.” We will send a separate announcement with detailed instructions.

Save the Date: We have many exciting events for the upcoming months, including:

  • Saturday March 16 @ 10 am: L&N with Mr. Craft, Maryland Governor’s Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs, at the Savage Library.

  • Tuesday March 19 @ 6:30 pm: L&N Planning for Taxes, Engineering Club, sponsored by NSBE-Baltimore. Registration is required.

  • Saturday March 23 @ 11 am: A Tour and a Tea at the Hillwood Museum. Registration is required.

  • Saturday April 6 @ 12:00 pm: Bowling, Bowlero Columbia. Registration will open soon.

  • Tuesday, April 9 @ 6:30 pm: L&N Money Moves, Engineering Club, sponsored by NSBE-Baltimore. Registration is required.

  • Saturday, April 20: AAAEA Annual Picnic. Centennial Park, MD. Registration will open at a later date.

  • Wed, May 1: AAAEA-Capital Area Internship Program will be open for applicants.

  • Sunday, May 19 @ 7: 30 pm: Heritage-Iftar Evening, Silver Spring Civic Center. Registration will open at a later date.

Now You Know: According to the recent issue of the Archaeology Magazine, about 14,400 years ago in the Black Desert of northeastern Jordan, someone was tinkering with the recipe for the perfect pita. A team, led by the University of Copenhagen, found that the people living at Shubayqa, Jordan, hunter-gatherers who belonged to a culture known as the Natufians, were making unleavened bread-like products before the dawn of agriculture. Another team led by Stanford University detected evidence that Natufians were brewing beer from wild wheat and barley 13,000 years ago, well before those grains were domesticated. The two discoveries suggest that our prehistoric ancestors were the first bakers and brewers thousands of years before they even contemplated becoming full-time farmers!

Another fact: Many of the basics of modern automatics were first put to use in the Arab world, including the revolutionary crank-connecting rod system. By converting rotary motion to linear motion, the crank enables the lifting of heavy objects with relative ease. This technology, discovered by Al-Jazari in the 12th century, exploded across the globe, leading to everything from the bicycle to the internal combustion engine.

Happy International Day and Every Day for all our Arab American Women!

Jamileh Mogin, President
AAAEA-Capital Area

AAAEA-Capital Area